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Roof Vent & Skylight Services

Roof ventilators and skylights are additional features that you add to your roofing systems. Although these features are not entirely common in most households, several homes in Sydney enjoy the advantages of having skylights and ventilation systems on their roofs.

Skylights can provide extra lighting during daytime. Vented skylights can also allow some air to come in. It is an excellent addition to any area in your home that requires more fresh air. Skylights are installed on the roof and if not properly planned, it can result in unwanted heat during summer and heat lost during winter time. However, a well-placed and installed venting skylight is an asset and adds value to a home. It works together with other open windows in creating a naturally cool ambiance for homes during the summer months.

Ventilation on your roof is beneficial to homes especially for households with attics. It helps prevent heat from building up in these enclosed areas. Heat build up in homes can cause your shingles to deteriorate prematurely from the inside out. Roof ventilation systems keep your roof and attics cooler.

Roof Ventilator Installation Requirements

Roof vents and skylights add a more comfortable living condition to homes. Efficient roof ventilation systems should meet certain requirements to fulfil its maximum potential at a longer period of time. Effective roof ventilation systems should be able to provide the following:

  • Efficient rate of supply of fresh air

Roof ventilation system should be able to provide fresh air inside rooms while removing used air at the same time.

  • Continuous movement of air

Air needs to continuously move to be able to provide proper ventilation of the space. The rate of air change should be parallel to the number of persons inside, the room temperature as well as the nature of the activities performed in that area.

  • A relaxing temperature

It is ideal to enjoy cool air from the roof ventilation system during summer time. The system should be also capable of keeping the warm air inside during winter months.

  • Sufficient humidity

Low humidity with better air movements provide better ventilation for homes. These should be achieved for a roof ventilation system to be considered efficient.

  • Pure and fresh air access

Air from ventilation systems should be free from organic matter, dust, fumes of gases and bad odours.

Proper maintenance and cleaning can help achieve the following requirements to fully conclude that a roof ventilation system is indeed efficient and adds value to a home. Roofing Surgeon provides professional cleaning and maintenance services for roof ventilation and skylight systems.

How to Properly Install and Maintain Roof Vents and Skylights

Skylights are often treated as an aesthetic addition to your roofing systems. However, there is more to skylights than a mere centrepiece. Unlike windows, skylights can be used to allow air and light to pour into your rooms without giving away your privacy. It is a great piece that allows you to open your homes in secrecy and enjoy your much needed ventilation. Skylights are also an affordable substitute for HVAC systems that help keep your homes cool and comfortable during hot summer months.

The placement of your skylight is one of the most important aspects you should consider prior to installation. It should be located in an area on your roof where you can enjoy more or less sunlight. You need to figure out the ideal position of the skylight to be able to decide on whether you will opt for a clear or tinted glass for your cover or if you’ll need glazing and blinds to make it more efficient.

Roofing Surgeon can easily help homeowners decide where to effectively locate roof ventilators and skylights. Enjoy the full potential this roofing feature offers by having it professionally installed by our team. Our technicians in Roofing Surgeon offer 40 years of experience in the roofing industry.

To keep your roof ventilation system and skylights well-maintained, secure and to extend their life cycle, it would be essential to have them cleaned and maintained by a professional roofing specialist in Sydney. Call Roofing Surgeon today to get the best cleaning and maintenance service for your roof ventilators and skylights.

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