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Installing a roof for your home or establishment is costly. It is a necessary investment to make your buildings livable and offer a safe haven for the outside weather. To make the most out of this investment, you need to regularly maintain your roof systems. However, this is not always the case for homes in Sydney and other states in Australia. When you fail to regularly maintain your roofs, they will tend to deteriorate faster, and may require a restoration or repair service.

Repair services are small problems in your roof systems such as leaks. Roof restoration is different. It is the process of restoring your roof to its former condition, or at least close to the structure that it was when it was first installed. Roof restoration is salvaging a structurally sound roof. It is different from a roof replacement, a more severe and costly roof repair program that is dedicated for roofing systems that are already beyond repair and pass their structural limits.

Roof restoration services usually include cleaning, repairing and re-polishing. Such a restoration program serves as an upgrade from your usual roof maintenance servicing. Roof restoration helps in extending the lifespan of your roof, all while providing a cheaper, yet efficient and safe option compared to a full roof replacement.

Indicators That Your Roofing System Requires Restoration

A roof restoration is sometimes confused with roof repairs or replacements. These activities are entirely different. A repair requires a few fixes on the roof while roof restorations requires a more detailed approach in repairing and restoring a roof to its former glory. The latter is more expensive because it will require more planning compared to a repair. Roof restoration services will cost you around $2,500 for an average-sized home in Sydney.

To determine if you are in need of a roof restoration or if a repair will be sufficient, here are some of the warning signs and symptoms to watch out for.

Water Spots

Darks marks in your roofs, as well as in the ceiling area are visible signs of roof damage. The marks are caused by the water starting to penetrate your roof insulation, down to your ceiling areas. If water continues to penetrate your roofs, it will eventually eat away the surface of the roof, as well as the other structures located beneath it. 

If you start to see water spots in your ceiling areas, it would be ideal to call a roofing specialist immediately to be able to address the issue. Call up a roof restoration company in Sydney to salvage your roof fast.

Algae and Debris Growth

Water in your roof areas can be a trigger to many other problems. Algae and debri can begin to accumulate due to the water pooling and regularly damping the area. Dust and dirt, all damped with water can also accumulate through time in the area. Mosses and algae can bring bacteria to your homes and may be harmful to your household too.

If left unattended, algae and debris growth can be detrimental to the whole roof structure. 

Paints Starting to Peel

Roofs require regular painting, just like the rooms and walls in our homes. If roofs are not regularly re-painted, paint will start to peel off and will remove the initial protection that your roof shingles have from the heat and weather. When you let your roof paint peel for a long time, you expose them to rainfall and sunlight, more than usual, tearing the quality of your roof surface.

If you see visible signs of peeling and discoloration in your roofs, it is time to call an Australian roof restoration team to check, estimate and restore your roofs back into its prime condition.

The Roof Restoration Process

The roof restoration includes several main processes – cleaning, repair, and polishing. However, prior to cleaning, a careful inspection of the current condition of the roof is needed to avoid any other dangers or issues with your roofing system.

The process of restoration begins with cleaning the roof with a high pressure washer. The high-pressured water will remove all the dirt, algae and mould that may have accumulated in your roof shingles as well as in the areas in your gutter and downpipe areas.

After a thorough cleaning of the roof, it is now the time to repair any damage in your roof areas. The process involves replacing the cracked and broken tiles or sealing any leaks in a sheet metal roof system. Tiled roofs may also require rebedding and repointing to prevent future damages.

Some households may request for a re-waterproofing too, which is also a smart move to keep your roof areas leak proof. Depending on the size and the slope of the roof, it may take around three to ten working days to fully complete a roof restoration project.

If you are in need of a roof restoration service in Sydney or if you would want to consult with a professional roofing specialist to get advice on your current roof issues, call 1300 561 938 to talk to one of our expert roofing professionals to get the best advice and estimate for your roofing restoration needs.



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