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Does your roof need a quick maintenance clean or a major tune-up? Do you suffer from a leaky roof? Missing terracotta? Not only is a damaged roof ugly, it can also cause damage to your home. Ensure you are safe and the roof over your head is serving you well. We can provide a complete solution to have your roof up to scratch in no time.

Check out more information about our roof repair and cleaning services. Our methods for cleaning include the use of high flow, low water pressure blow-off to remove debris, and air cleaning to get older and fragile roofs spick and span. Maintaining a home roof and any roof repairs should be at the top of any home maintenance list to ensure a dry, safe home for your family. Have our fully qualified, trained, and experienced roofers inspect your roof damage and provide a detailed estimate for roof repair work. 

Signs You Need A Roof Repair!

As your properties age, so does your roofing systems. Even with proper and regular maintenance, you may experience several roofing problems and issues due to the age of your roofs as well as the quality and durability of the materials used and installed on your homes.

Roof problems are harder to diagnose due to the lack of a convenient access to determine the root cause of the problem. Here are some of the common roofing issues that you may encounter in your homes.


Roof Leaks

The challenge with roof leaks is that it is hard to identify the actual origin of the leak. The actual area in your homes where you experience water falling from the outside may not be exactly the same area where water is penetrating your roofs. It would be impossible to quickly identify where a leak comes from, without a closer inspection.

Although it may sound economical to check where the leaks of your homes are coming from, you may cause more damage and your safety is also at risk. A trained professional would be the ideal go to person to seek help in identifying and repairing roof leaks in your homes.

Pooled Water

As a building age, the roof structure may sag as the materials used to construct this area degenerates through time. Improperly sized and poorly placed roof drainages can also cause mild to severe ponding water issues on flat roofs.

Checking and fixing the drainage system is one of the most effective ways to solve water pooling in roofs. If such solutions fail, you should look into other factors that may cause your flat roofs to accumulate water – structure, design and deflection. Fixing the slope of the roof can also help solve this problem. With professional roof repair service, inspection and diagnosis, fixing water pooling issues in your roof areas is quite an easy task.

Cracks and Blisters

Cracks and roof blisters are often caused by moisture and air trapped under your roofing material. Changes in weather and temperature can also cause the paints and materials of your roofing system to crack and blister. Blisters and cracks that are left unattended can lead to further damage, more blisters, leaks, and in worst cases structural damage to your roof.

Quality materials used upon the installation of your roofing systems as well as regular maintenance and cleaning services for your roofs helps prevent roof blisters. Cracks can be immediately identified and fixed when a professional regularly checks and maintains your roofs. Certified roofing contractors can also easily identify the warning signs that may lead your roofs to crack and blister.

Masses and Critters

Critters and masses in your roofing system can cause a lot of damage to your roofs. The warmth and security that our homes offer can be sometimes enjoyed by pests too – just like critters and other mass in your roofs. When insects and other animals begin to squat in your roof areas, your roof deteriorates faster and may lead to premature leaks, damages and structural issues with your roof.

A small opening caused by these pests can create serious damage to your roof. Critters and masses can tear and display roof installations. These pests can also chew into electrical wires and damage other systems in your property. Regular cleaning and roof maintenance can prevent mass critters and pests from squatting in your roof areas. Access points and signs of critter activity can be easily prevented with regular roof maintenance.

Clogged Gutters

Roofs with clogged cutters can lead to exposed fascia boards and excess water accumulation. The situation worsens through time and constant exposure to changes in temperature can prematurely deteriorate these accessories in your roofing systems. Cracks and peeled paint are also indicators of water damage in fascia boards.

The gutters of your roof area are susceptible to accumulation of dust, leaves and dirt. If you fail to remove these debris in your gutters, water tends to have a hard time flowing and can cause clogs and pooling of water in your gutters. When water is retained in your gutters for a long period of time, it can cause rusting and other damage that compromises the structure. Regularly clean your gutters to prevent clogged. The task can be easily done without hiring roof repair contractors. However, for bigger roofs with higher elevation, it would be safer to call for professional help to get your gutters clean and maintained regularly.


Here at Roofing Surgeon, we provide our clients with skilled and trained technicians and roof repair specialists to identify and repair your roof problems fast, efficiently and within your budgets. We send a team of trained, skilled and licensed roofing experts to identify your roof issues fast, provide solutions, offer a quote and expertly attend to your roof servicing needs. We specialise in roof installation, repairs, restoration as well as providing solutions to damage caused by weather, pressure, pests and other factors that affect your roofs. 


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