Leaking Taps & Toilet Repair

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Are your taps leaking? Are your taps hard to turn on or off? Are your taps old and outdated and needing a face lift?

A leaking tap is a common problem in many homes, and is definitely a very annoying nuisance. Over time, those drips add up, and the wasted water is not only bad for the environment, it is can be very costly too. It takes effort and careful use of tools to dismantle a sink or tap without damaging it.so leave it to the honest team at Sewer Surgeon to help you.

Common Tap Problems

Sewer Surgeons skilled technicians can service and replace all types of taps. We use careful precision to complete the work and ensure quality for every job. We are prepared and ready for your taps. Common tap issues include:

  • Dripping taps when closed
  • Leakage around handle
  • Taps that don’t open properly
  • Taps that creak / are noisy

There are many different issues that can occur with taps, and DIY repairs can do more damage than good. To make sure that doesn’t happen, ensure that you call on Sewer Surgeon, our technicians are experts and can make sure your taps stop leaking at long last. Some common tap repairs include:

  • Valve Seating Replacement
  • Washer Replacement
  • Tap Replacement
  • Checking Discs
  • Gland Seal Adjustment

Leaking taps can be rarely inexpensive to repair, but by repairing leaks as soon as possible, you can prevent more damage and the annoying dripping that comes with it. This also helps you save in the long run. The money saved on your water bill could be more than what you would pay for the cost of fixing the tap. Therefore, it’s always a wise decision to contact Sewer Surgeon Plumbing to fix your leaky tap right away.


Are you kept up at night by a refilling toilet? Is your toilet plumbing leaking and wasting water or damaging your house? You need a plumber fast. Leaking toilet plumbing can cause higher water bills and damage to your property that end in expensive repairs.

Common Toilet Problems

Toilet leaks are quite common in homes. Water can keep running and be leaking into the bowl, even out of the tank. In any case, it is a horrible and embarrassing problem to have! Toilets are an essential part of life, and it is important for household, and sanitary reasons, to ensure that your toilet doesn’t have any issues.

There are three major causes of common toilet leaks:

  • Toilet Base Leaking – Certainly the most common problems in toilets. When toilet system get older, they are known to leak at the base. The problem should be fixed immediately to avoid further leakage and extensive damage to your bathroom.
  • Toilet Tank Leaking – Toilet tanks leaking is quite a common issue in most toilets. Sometimes we think we can try a DIY fix but this can cause long term damage or just prolong the issue with your toilet. To help stop the leaking call the team at Sewer Surgeon.
  • Water Supply Leaking – There are four places where a toilet supply line can possibly leak. One area is where the nut connects the supply line to the fill valve. The others are where the nut connects the supply line connection and where the valve is attached to the water line and the washer in the valve itself for any leaks like this it is best to call the professionals at Sewer Surgeon to help with all your needs.

Some other toilet issues may include:

  • Water always running into the bowl
  • Toilet not refilling as fast as usual
  • Toilets not flushing properly
  • Noisy toilet when refilling
  • Dripping onto the floor from toilet
  • Water dripping onto the floor when flushed
  • Leakage from underneath toilet

Your toilet may simply require a washer or a valve replacement, or perhaps you prefer the whole toilet changed. In any case, our experienced plumbers at Sewer Surgeon can give you a range of options and give you peace of mind.