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Whether it’s your hot water system, a leaking tap, a refilling toilet keeping you up at night, or a burst pipe, Sewer Surgeon has you covered on all aspects of your household plumbing. Call on someone professional and experienced to look after your family in your home!

Sewer Surgeon has put an astounding amount of effort into developing a highly qualified and skilled team of plumbers and roofers. We pride ourselves in the work we do and strive to deliver a service that is second to none.

Why Choose Sewer Surgeon

We place an exceptional value on honesty and reliability. As a family based and operated company, we want nothing more than to see our customers happy. Our team of fully licensed and trained tradesmen are trustworthy, respectable and always reliable, delivering fast, quality work on time, to suit our customer’s needs, and we understand the importance of cleanliness after every job we complete. Our quality workmanship is second to none.

Work We Do:

Our plumbers are equipped with the latest equipment and tools and are technically competent. Our experienced team will offer you the right solution for any type of plumbing. The Sewer Surgeon team of plumbers have an immense experience working on a variety of plumbing jobs from small odd jobs to large commercial projects. The success of our rapid growth can be credited to offering a competitive price and our superior customer services.

Let Our Family Help Yours.

When you choose Sewer Surgeon, you know that you your home is in safe hands. Our team is fully equipped and experienced to provide all types of plumbing services. We provide quality workmanship.

The values that our company and our tradesmen hold are consistently demonstrated every day through our work, with honesty and integrity being our most important value. We strive to help Australian families with their plumbing and roofing needs every day.

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