CCTV Camera Pipe Inspections

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A surgeon wouldn’t go into an operating theatre without seeing exactly what he or she was doing. That’s why, in the same way, we always recommend a camera be used during drainage diagnosis.

Why you should use CCTV Camera Inspections

  • Damaged drains can be one of the most expensive repairs you will ever have to make.
  • Avoid additional costs due to flooding in your business or home by calling the experts at Sewer Surgeon Plumbing so we can fix it fast.
  • With a CCTV video inspection, we will help keep your pipelines in check and costs down.

Why choose us for CCTV Camera Inspections

During drainage investigations, we use locating equipment to pinpoint drainage problems directly, from above the ground. A thorough assessment is carried out to save unnecessary digging and diagnose the likely cause of the problem. In conjunction with the locating equipment, we use the CCTV camera. The combination of the two reduces any guessing factor and assists in finding the best method of repair.

Our CCTV video technology helps protect you from spending large amounts of money digging up drains. With accurate diagnostic reports, the Sewer Surgeon team can confirm the structural condition of your sewer line. When we locate a problem, we provide you with recommendations for repair and assist in repairing the problem quickly for you.

Sewer Surgeon offers latest CCTV equipment which can survey drains/pipes and we can also offer you to view the inspection footage.

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