Burst Pipe Repair

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Burst or leaking pipes can become one of the most destructive issues that can occur to your property. Sewer Surgeon has years of experience in dealing with this and if the problem is not rectified fast it can cause all sorts of damages such as rising damp, mould issues, flooding, structural weakness and even collapsed ceilings!

There are also many occasions where you may not notice any symptoms of a burst or leaking pipe until there is major damage done. But dont stress, Sewer Surgeon has you covered! We have a list of signs for you to keep an eye on – below is a list of things that may indicate a burst or leaking pipe.

Signs your property may have a burst or leaking water pipe include:

  • High Water Bill: If your water bill is significantly higher than usual without any unusual activity (filling pools, watering new lawns), it may be an indicator of a broken pipe. Physical indicators such as puddles, odors, or damp drywall will usually show themselves first, but in cases when breaks remain undetected, escalated bills can help detect problems.
  • Poor Water Quality: If the water suddenly turns color or begins to smell, this can be an indicator that the pipes have begun to corrode or otherwise become contaminated or deteriorated. Burst pipes in this situation can be prevented by having them replaced before the condition gets worse.
  • Unpleasant Odor: If drains, sinks, or any area of your home have an unpleasant odor, especially on the lowest floor, it can be a sign that a pipe is backed up or broken. The odor is a sign that sewage is not being successfully transported from your pipes to the council sewer lines.
  • Sink Holes: If you have sink holes, or any unexplained soggy or wet areas in your yard, there may be a break in the main pipes underground. These can pose a very serious hazard for small children and animals. Call our plumbing service fast to have pipes repaired or replaced to prevent accidents, and stop the situation from getting worse.
  • Puddles: If water is accumulating anywhere in your house, especially under sinks or on floors, a pipe may be broken. Some may be easy to detect and see, such as pipes under the sink or the water supply to the toilet, but others may be behind walls or ceilings and require further investigation. Our experienced plumbers are on hand to provide helpful service and advice.

At Sewer Surgeon, we are experts in leak detection and dealing with burst pipes fast and early. Call us now for help and we will get to you as soon as possible!

“Leaking or burst water pipes can cause serious damage to your property, or at the very least – very expensive water bills! You’ll need a local plumber fast!”

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