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Roof Inspection & Assessment Services

A roof inspection Sydney service is a critical part in ensuring the structural stability of your home and property. It is treated in a different category, far from the standard building inspection processes. Although a building inspection can give you insights on the current condition of a property’s roof, a specialist is still required to be able to completely evaluate, assess, diagnose, maintain and repair your roofing.

Roof Assessment and Inspection

Roof inspectors conduct roof assessment and inspection reports to help in identifying existing roof issues to create proper evaluation, diagnostics and estimates for repairs. Roof inspection services are mainly due to persisting or current issues that a property has or has been experiencing. It is the initial response required to attend to a leaking roof, water seepage on your walls as well as blocks on your gutters. Without a thorough roof assessment and inspection, it would be impossible to identify how small or how big a roofing issue is and the extent of damage it may cause your property, and your finances in the future.

Here at Roofing Surgeon, we commit to a strategic and step-by-step process on our roof assessment, tile roof inspection, and other roofing-related services. We adhere to these processes to be able to provide a concise, personalised, efficient, and professional inspection and report for our clients.

Roofing Surgeon’s Roof Inspection, Assessment and Diagnostic Process

  • Client Call and Booking for Site Visit

For any roofing issue or for regular maintenance and inspection, you can call  our 24/7 emergency services at 1300 561 938 for inquiries, site visits, repairs and maintenance services.

  • Roofing Contractor Site Visit and Roof Access

Upon confirmation of a site visit, our licensed roof inspector and expert roofing specialist will visit your property and conduct pre-inspection. We will provide convenient access to your roof to begin with the service.

  • Actual Inspection

Roofing Surgeon provides professional and licensed inspection for your roof tiles, roof sheeting, roof capping, gutters, flashings, penetrations and other noticeable areas in the roofing structure. We will be evaluating your roofing systems according to these areas and take note of the necessary issues with your roofing. Prior issues that our clients have informed us with, before the site visit, will be considered as our priority.

  • Inspection of Mechanical and Electrical Attachments

Clients are not required, but should ideally inform our team about mechanical and electrical attachments that are connected to your roofing systems. On top of roof repairs and inspections, Roofing Surgeon can also conduct inspection, diagnosis and repair for the electric power system, solar panel system, hot water system and other mechanical and electrical attachment points located in the roof structure or area, but may require additional time and costs. 

  • Photos for Documentation

Our team of technicians and roofing experts will take pictures of the different areas of your roofing that may require repair, maintenance or other roofing services.  Actual documentation, through pictures, before and after repairing or maintaining your roofs are included in our service. Our clients can have access, or copies of these documents, upon request. We also use these images as records of our work for regular clients and may be utilised in our marketing and promotional tools, with the consent of our customers.

  • Detailed Report

Upon completion of the onsite inspection, our team will create a comprehensive report on the current status of your roofing system. Reports will include pictures for documentation, itemised issues that have been observed in your roof as well as recommendations for repair, maintenance and replacements.

  • On-site Reporting and Diagnosis

Roofing Surgeon provides onsite reporting, right after the inspection of your roofing systems. We provide our clients with an accurate quotation and a diagnosis report itemised and explained in detail to our clients. We will not conduct any repair, replacement or maintenance without the approval of our customers.

Roofing Surgeon has been one of the top roofing specialists and contractors in Sydney. We offer 40 years of honed, professional and experienced services, with upfront, no frills pricing for our clients. We bring the most skilled and qualified technicians to every site inspection, repair, replacement, installation and maintenance work that we do in the greater Sydney area to provide nothing but the best quality work for roofing systems. Call us at 1300 561 938 for enquiries, site visit, quotes and advice any time of the day, 7 days a week. Experience great customer service and lifetime guarantee workmanships with Roofing Surgeon.


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