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Roofing Surgeon is one of the most trusted and complete roofing services available for residential and commercial establishments in Inner West Sydney. If you are in need of small urgent repairs or complete re-roofing work, our team of experienced and licensed tradesmen, estimators and roofing contractors are here to help. We provide site inspection and emergency services for all types of roofing systems in the Inner West.

Our team at Roofing Surgeon has been serving Inner West Sydney and nearby areas for more than a decade. We offer combined experience and expertise in residential and commercial work, with guaranteed quality workmanship at all times. We are honest, competitive and courteous roofing specialists, with integrity and commitment to our clients.

Roofing Surgeon Services in West Sydney District

Roofing Surgeon is one of the most reliable roofing contractors and specialists in the West Sydney District area. We have been serving homes and commercial in several suburbs in the Inner West Region such as Ashbury, Balmain East, Ashfield, Croydon Park, Lilyfield, Marrickville, Mascot, Newton, Rhodes and Abbotsford. We also serve clients in other parts of Camperdown, Croydon, Haberfield and Hurlstone Park that are also located in the Inner West Sydney area.

We are proud of our team of equipped, trained and licensed roofing specialists that are experts in the following roofing issues:

Roofing Leak Repairs in Inner West Sydney

Leaks in your roof can cause a huge damage in your home and commercial establishments if left unrepaired. Metal sheets are susceptible to leaks and can develop into bigger and more expensive problems in the future. Rust, drainage problems and exposure to weather are some of the common reasons why your roof leaks.

Homeowners initially see roofing leak issues as problems that can be easily fixed with a DIY solution. However, the lack of experience and expertise in the roofing repair industry can cause more damage than good for your homes. Talk to our roofing specialist at Roofing Surgeon to get the proper inspection and diagnosis for your leaking roofs.

Our team of roofing specialists specialises in the repair and restoration of different roofing systems. We can easily replace cracked and broken tile roofs, repair or replace valleys and ridges fast and efficiently and repoint damaged tiles, valleys and ridges. Roofing Surgeon is also experienced in handling metal sheet roofing problems as well as complicated roofing issues that are connected with your plumbing system.

Roofing Surgeon is one of the qualified roofing specialists in the Inner West Sydney area. Our team can easily locate leaks in your roof, repair damaged parts, and recondition it to its former glory. Our trained and professional tradesmen also specialise in full metal roofing.

Workmanship and Service Guarantee

On top of the high-quality service and level of commitment that we provide our clients, we value our clients by providing quick and efficient results in every roofing repair or restoration that we do. We are responsible and we arrive on time to provide just assessment and honest diagnosis to all your roofing issues. We provide accurate quotations and the best options available for our clients. We believe in delivering high quality service that is economical and financially feasible to our clients.

If you are in need of a roofing professional to repair a leaking roof or to inspect and diagnose issues on your roofing system, seek professional advice from our team of professionals. Call our 24/7 emergency service hotline 1300 561 938 to book a visit or to have your roofing issue attended immediately.

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Inner West Sydney District Service Areas

Roofing Surgeon delivers exceptional services to the following areas in Inner West Sydney:

Abbotsford (2046)
Annandale (2038)
Ashbury (2193)
Ashfield (2131)
Alexandria (2015)
Balmain (2041)
Belfield (2191)
Birchgrove (2041)
Breakfast Point (2137)
Burwood (2136)
Burwood Heights (2136)
Camperdown (2050)
Canada Bay (2046)
Canterbury (2193)
Chiswick (2046)
Concord (2137)
Concord West (2138)
Croydon (2132)
Croydon Park (2133)

Drummoyne (2047)
Dulwich Hill (2203)
Enfield (2136)
Enmore (2042)
Five Dock (2046)
Forest Lodge (2037)
Glebe (2037)
Haberfield (2045)
Hurlstone Park (2193)
Summer Hill (2130)
Sydney (2000)
Lilyfield (2040)
Newtown (2042)
Pyrmont (2009)
St Peters (2044)
Marrickville (2204)
Ultimo (2007)
Waterloo (2017)



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