Gutter Cleaning and Repair Services

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Gutters and downpipes are essential parts of your roofing system. They not only offer style and function to your homes but also play an important role in protecting your property from rain and harsh weather.

Unfortunately, downpipes and gutters are considered to be among the most overlooked areas that require regular cleaning and maintenance. Leaks are often caused by neglected, blocked and damaged gutters. It is ideal to check your gutters or have a gutter cleaning service scheduled at least once a month or every other month to check for leaves, debris, pests and other foreign objects. If you are currently having leaks from your roof, it would be ideal to check your gutters and downpipes before resorting to a roof restoration or a full roof replacement.

Gutter and Downpipe Cleaning

Your roof’s gutter and downpipes can be easily clogged by debris from trees, your roof and other foreign objects. When gutters and downpipes are clogged, water will not flow onto your drains properly. Stagnant water in your gutter can also promote corrosion. Rusting in your gutters can lead to further damage to your fascia boards as well as your roofs. If left unnoticed, your gutters may start to leak and in worst cases, fall off entirely. Such issues should be attended promptly to prevent additional damages. You can try DIY solutions but calling an expert in roof and gutter cleaning to power clean your gutters and downpipes will save you more time and energy.

Gutter & Downpipe Repair

Severely clogged gutters and roof drain pipes are bad news for your roofing system. This is an emergency that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. However, when it is already too late and pressure cleaning won’t do the work anymore, the only option left to salvage your guttering is to request for a professional gutter and downpipe repair service.

Most DIY solutions may work when it comes to cleaning your gutters, but repairing a damaged gutter and downspout system is a totally different story. When you are not sure how to fix broken and cracked gutters, loose guttering and downpipes, rusted gutter with small holes, and leaking gutter joints, the best thing to do is to contact a reliable roof repair specialist. Only a roofing professional knows how to do the job safely and efficiently. Plus, this expert can recommend you with the most cost-effective solutions that will help you save money.

Gutter and Downpipe Replacement

Neglected gutters are bound to rot and fall off. Although some gutters may experience “localised” issues, it would be ideal and efficient to replace the entire gutter and downpipe system if visible damages are also already present in other areas of the gutter. A replacement is only advisable for one or two problem sections in your gutter system.

To be able to repair or replace a gutter and downpipe, it would be best to consult with a roofing and gutter repair Sydney expert. They can immediately diagnose if a repair or complete replacement is advisable for your gutter system. From there, this professional can easily suggest a diagnosis, create a design and provide a quote for your gutter repair or replacement.

DIY is also an option you can explore when replacing your gutters and downpipes. However, there are plenty of pitfalls to worry about when replacing these areas on your own. It is still cost-effective to hire a professional to replace your gutters and downpipes than to attempt to do it alone, most especially with little or no experience at all.

Gutter and Downpipe Installation

Here are the usual steps on a basic gutter and downpipe installation and what to expect during a gutter replacement Sydney service:

Planning Stage

It is essential to create a printed plan and layout on how to go about with a gutter and downpipe replacement. Our professionals at Roofing Surgeon inspect, measure and create sketches prior to the actual installation. We also seek the approval of our clients before we proceed with any job onsite.


Gutters and downpipes are mostly fabricated in our shop, but can also be constructed onsite, for special instances or as requested by the client. We ensure that our technicians utilise the best materials, accessories, tools and machineries when fabricating and installing new gutters and downpipes.


Each gutter and downpipe section is meticulously measured, cut, adjusted, connected and sealed to create a functional and seamless gutter system for your homes. We also do pre-assemblies for complicated areas such as corners and joints to ensure that each section is installed properly and with precision. It is also our commitment to ensure that your fascia boards and roofs are kept in their current condition before and after the gutter installation process.


Gutter and downpipe maintenance is one of the keys to maximise the lifespan of your gutters. Regular cleaning, at least twice a year keeps leaves, dirt, silt and rust from building up and clogging your gutters. You can also hire a roofing expert that specialises with roof gutter cleaning and maintenance like Roofing Surgeon.

Fascia Board Replacement

Fascia boards are some of the most common roofing accessories that are at high risk for damage and rot in a property. They are installed at the bottom of the roofline that can easily expose them to water penetration, especially with clogged gutters and drains. When fascia boards are soaked and exposed to water regularly, they can easily rot and begin to deteriorate.

A fascia trim replacement is one of the ideal options Roofing Surgeon offers to our clients. However, in severe cases of rot in fascia boards, we suggest to completely replace these boards to prevent further damage, mildew build up and to upkeep the value and aesthetics of your homes.

Similar to gutter and downpipe replacement, Roofing Surgeon conducts the necessary inspection, planning, drafting and approval from our clients before we begin with the project. We provide the best material options for our clients, based on their style and budget. The actual fabrication and installation of your fascia boards are always in the good hands of our professional and trained technicians. We offer lifetime guarantee and commits to honest and high-quality service at all times.

Roofing Surgeon offers reliable downpipes and fascia board repairs and replacements, as well as exceptional Sydney gutter cleaning services. We offer 40 years of experience in the business, with a team of seasoned professionals ready to do the job fast and efficient for our clients at all times. For all your gutter, fascia board and downpipe servicing needs, you can call 1300 561 938 to get a quote, advice or to schedule a site visit.



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